Invite a Friend and Win

How To Use The "Invite a Friend and Win" Feature

Our  "Invite a Friend and Win" allows you, the fan, to win various rewards from an Artist by inviting your friends to create a Rhythmic Rebellion account and follow the Artist. Artists can offer guitar picks, a signed photo, a t-shirt, or something digital like access to their Artist Premiere, Karaoke or MxRR. You will receive the award if you reach the goal set by the Artist (ie: invite and get 8 friends to sign up). You can see how many friends have joined using your invitation using the Invite Friend tab.

To participate in an Artist's campaign:

1. Find the "Invite a Friend and Win" Feature on the Artist's site.

2. Check the user agreement and click the  Generate button.

3. Once you click Generate, you will see the following image:

4. Copy the URL and share it with your friends. You can share on social media, through text messages, or in any way you choose to communicate. This URL is created  just for you. No one else will be issued the same URL. When your friends click your shared URL and the system opens the sign-up form for Rhythmic Rebellion, our system knows that this is your URL and you get credit when your friend signs up. Note that it only works if they click your URL and then sign up, not if they go directly to the Artist's site. You can tell your friends that once they've signed up using the URL that they can then generate their own URL and sign their friends up for a chance to get the reward!

Check The Status Of Friends You've Invited

1. To open the  Invite Friend tab click on the Player menu -> Miscellaneous.

2. You can also access this menu from the Artist's site feature, by clicking on the  Friends Signed Up link:

3. Here you can see the information concerning the active Artists' campaigns you are participating in as a fan:

4. Here you'll see the list of Artists. Click on one to view information on active and expired campaigns you are or have participated in.

5. You'll see the most recent Campaigns at the top. Campaigns are marked as Active or Expired accordingly. You can view the list of fans who used the URL link you generated and the counter to measure your progress to the goal set by the Artist.

6. The artist will contact you for your reward after you've reached the goal amount on their active campaign!

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