Using The Music Player

Using The Music Player On Rhythmic Rebellion

The music player is located at the bottom of your screen while on the Rhythmic Rebellion website. 

From left to right it shows you if you are following the artist or not, weather you can add the song to a playlist, allows you to  pause or skip to the next song, adjust the volume, the song & artist currently playing, your upcoming playlist, your fan account, and your cart.

Buttons Above the Music Player

The buttons above the music player allows fans to interact with the song they are listening to.

  • MxRR - The Rhythmic Rebellion Song MxRR allows fans to make their own mix of an artists song by changing the different STEM tracks attached. This is not always available so if your favorite artist does not have it, be sure to ask them.
  • Video - The Music Video attached to a song can be accessed here. Artists can upload all different types of video to be placed here including biographical videos, lyric videos, and of course a song's music video itself.
  • Lyrics - Any lyrics that the song has can be found here.
  • Comments - If you want to leave a comment on a song, do so here. 
  • Promo - Find a little bit more information about the song, the songwriters and contributors, and a link to the artists website here. 


When you click playlist on the  bottom right, it will take you to the playlist you have loaded into the music player by opening a pop out window as shown in the image below.

Here you can see Now Playing (what is currently loaded into your playlist cue), My Playlist (any playlists that you have saved), and Following (the artists that you follow on Rhythmic Rebellion).

You can also search for a song under Now Playing, search for a playlist under My Playlist, and search for an Artist under Following. From there you can add those songs, playlists, or artists to what is currently playing in the music player or what will play next.

If you click the three dots as shown in the picture below, you'll be able to navigate the individual songs within a playlist. Play a particular song, add that song to a different playlist, delete the song from your playlist, share the song to social media, learn more about the song from that artists, and open artist info to navigate to their website or additional songs of theirs. You can even download the song from here.

Fan Account

When you click Fan Account next to Playlists on the Music Player, a pop out window will appear on the left hand side of your screen. From here you can change all the different settings in your Fan Account.

  • Help - Navigate to help articles to resolve any issues that you might be having with your fan account. If you click on the "Knowledge Center," button on the pop out screen, you can search for articles using keywords like "Fan Account," or "Playlist," but also check out most searched.
  • Profile Settings - Here you can change your email and password, add a picture, change your address and contact info, and change your interests & language.
  • My Cart - This is where your pending purchases are located.
  • My Purchases - Here you will see everything you have ever purchased on Rhythmic Rebellion
  • Listening Settings - Change song commentary, introductions, and explicit material settings.
  • Favorite Genres - Choose your favorite genres, change the genres you like, or update your favorite genres as you find new music.
  • Communication Settings - Your communication settings are how you allow artists to contact you, have your email, and what artists you are subscribed to.
  • Miscellaneous - Miscellaneous settings can be found here.
  • MxRR Song Mixer Studio - Clicking on the MxRR Song Mixer Studio will take you to a separate page where you can use our custom stem track mixer to create your own mix of your favorite artists songs. 
  • Contact Us - Click here to contact the Rhythmic Rebellion user support team.
  • Log Out - Click log out to exit your account.

The button Go to Creator Site will take you to where our creators can log in. It is free for anyone to use. If you are a Songwriter, Artist, Band, or Beatmaker, create an account today to start sharing your music on Rhythmic Rebellion. And don't hesitate to reach out 


You can navigate to your cart by clicking Cart next to Fan Account. You can also get there by clicking Cart within the left hand pop up menu when you click Fan Account. Your cart is where you'll see any purchases that are pending. From there you can checkout with the items you are ready to buy.

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