My Cart

Using Your Cart

Your Cart can be located by clicking the Cart button on the right hand side of the music player. That button will also bring up both the Fan Account menu and your shopping cart located within.

Once pulled up, you'll find saved items that you were thinking about purchasing. The Cart below shows what products will look like when they are ready for purchasing.

Gift Code

Artists on Rhythmic Rebellion will frequently give their fans a gift code for discounts or even free merchandise. If you have a gift code you can enter it next to where the product is listed.


For fans that want to support their favorite artists even more, there is an option within the Cart for adding a tip.


When you want to checkout, just click the PayPal or Pay With Card Checkout button next to your total. Payment is seamless as you can connect your PayPal account to your Rhythmic Rebellion Fan Account or just pay with your card. 

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