Discover Home Page

Discovering New Music on Rhythmic Rebellion

Once you create an account with Rhythmic Rebellion and choose the genres you want to listen to, you'll see your discover homepage similar to the one shown below but with different music choices more in line with your tastes. This is where you'll be able to discover your new favorite artists and songs.

Use the search bar centered at the top of the page to look for an artist, song, or keyword that you want to find music from.

Top Right Buttons / Options

On the top right hand side of the Rhythmic Rebellion home discover page, you'll find a series of buttons that will navigate you to different aspects of what we have to offer.

  • Discover - This is the main homepage for your Rhythmic Rebellion Fan Account where you can discover all your favorite new music and artists. The music here will be selected based on your account preferences to genre, liked songs and artists, etc...
  • Rebel News - Find the latest industry news pertaining to Rhythmic Rebellion as well as other happenings around the music industry here.
  • Artists - If you are an Artist and want to join Rhythmic Rebellion, this page will take you to information for artists and how to sign up. 
  • Songwriters - If you are only a songwriter and want to sell your music to artists, music labels, and music publishers on the Rhythmic Rebellion marketplace, you can learn more about that and sign up here.
  • Education - For Artists on Rhythmic Rebellion that need help getting their music, website, and content set up, you can find informational videos, articles, and help here.
  • Investors - Rhythmic Rebellion is actively seeking investors. If you are interested in more information about investment opportunities click here.

Music Player at the Bottom

At the bottom of your homepage you'll find the music player. It will also appear at the bottom of any artists websites you visit. You can access saved playlists and artists, their websites, your Fan Account, as well your your Cart. Learn all about the Music Player here.

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