How To Use The Playlist Feature

Using the Playlist Feature

You will find the Playlist button to the left of your Fan Account, and to the right of the song you are currently listening to on the Music Player. The Playlist button will help you completely control the stream of music your way as you check out artists websites on Rhythmic Rebellion.

When you click on Playlist, a window like the one shown below will appear on the right hand side of your screen that will enable use of all the Playlist features. Your Playlists is key to easily finding all the music you have saved and accessible from artists you follow.

Now Playing

Now Playing will show you the songs currently playing on your Music Player as well as the upcoming songs in your que that you have added. You can clear the playlist, search for a song, randomize the playlist, or click on a different song to listen to from the songs loaded into your Now Playing playlist.

My Playlist

My Playlist will show you all the playlists you have saved. Once you follow an artist or go to their webpage, you can save the playlist they make of their music. From there, access those playlists in My Playlist for endless hours of listening to your favorite music put into a playlist by your favorite artist.


All of the Artists that you follow on Rhythmic Rebellion will be displayed here under Following. From there, you can click on the artist's albums or playlists which will display a drop down of those music items. Then you can add those albums, playlists, or individual songs to what you have currently playing under My Playlist.

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