About Rhythmic Rebellion

Thanks for Joining our Rhythmic Rebellion!

Rhythmic Rebellion was created for two reasons:
1.  To give you, the fan, an amazing entertainment experience like nothing else on the planet;
2. To make sure that all music creators are fairly compensated for their work.

On behalf of all the music creators, we want to thank you for your support.

You Fan Account

When you join Rhythmic Rebellion (RR) you are granted an account where all your purchases are stored. We are your cloud storage for all things digital on RR. Click the icon in the bottom right of the music player to access your account.

Artist Websites
Artist build their profiles or websites on Rhythmic Rebellion. You can surf from one website to another and the music player at the bottom will follow you as you to listen to music. It will also allow you to interact with songs, artists, and their content like you never have before.

Use the Music Player at the bottom of the screen. Under Playlists, you can save your favorite playlists, songs, and artists in order to easily listen and interact. Plus, check out more information and change a variety of setting on your Fan Account here.

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